Layla’s Nursery

So, when you are around 20 weeks pregnant and you finally get to find out the gender of your baby, what would you be most excited about?

Just knowing! Of course, and also being able to name your baby! Being able to really bond over finally being able to call that baby by their own name is pretty awesome too.

But, after all that… Decorating the nursery of course! I mean there are lots of long nights spent in those rooms, right?!  Now a days we have wonderful go to’s such as pinterest, HGTV, model homes (one friend of mine pointed that one out to me!)  So, when it comes to decorating your nursery I am sure we all have a TON of ideas that we would like to turn into our realities.

So as soon as I knew my second baby was a girl I started thinking color schemes, crafts, bedding, ect. I love looking at nurseries that other people have done and how each room is so unique to each home.  So, I wanted to show off Layla’s nursery and some things that make her room unique.

Her room is 90% complete, I have not found any bedding that I like so far (well stuff I can afford anyways!)  And if I can afford it then it is just not what I am looking for.  I will probably have to DIY something very soon. 🙂

Here are some pictures of how everything turned out, ENJOY!


Funny story. I was searching forever for floral curtains, that I actually liked, and had NO LUCK! UNTIL..I walked into Target and started looking at their shower curtains!, yes she has fabric shower curtains for curtains, and they are perfect!

IMG_1547 (I have not finished replacing her white knobs for gold ones yet) One day it will get done. 🙂


This sign is one of my favorite things in her room.  I want it to remind her everyday when she is older that she is a child of God and she is a precious daughter who will one day follow the “will” she is determined to walk.


I hope you enjoyed a little look into our home!

Be Still.