I took my girls on a little day trip to IKEA today! Woo Hoo! I don’t get to visit there very often, cause it’s a little far to drive.  But today we had nothing to do and I had an IKEA itch!

The other day on Pinterest I pinned some cute little topiaries, that I loved. I decided that I could probably make something very similar on my own…

This is what I came up with.. and I am also so PROUD to say that Gianna (my 3-year-old) helped me with the idea!  She definitely has a creative mind!)

I picked up 2 small plants, 2 candlesticks (one short, one tall), and 2 of these cute little metal trays (I guess you would call them trays..hehe.)


I took the 2 little trays and glued them on the candlesticks. Originally, I was only going to place the plants on the candlesticks, until Gianna held up the little white trays and said “Look Mommy, this is pretty!” And she was turned out so much cuter on the trays!


And then I placed the plants onto the tops and…voila!! So simple…but sooo Cute!!!

I LOVE the way they look in my kitchen window!! And so Spring-y!




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