Chore List



Yay, right?! Everybody, no matter what walk of life you are in or who you are, has chores.  Well, as a busy Mom I was wanting to be more organized in the chores and wanted to make sure everything got done.  I always did my chores around the house but found myself wondering “when was the last time I changed out the bed sheets?” Or, “did I mop the floor last week or the week before?”

Well I was on pinterest one day (go figure) and I came across a chore chart.  I copied and pasted the document onto my computer. I loved how each day had a different chore to do, so no matter how busy I found myself, I always remembered when something had been done!

I loved the idea of having a new chore everyday so I didn’t feel overwhelmed during the week trying to get everything done all in one day.  I made my own adjustments to the chart I found online and made my own personalized list.

Daily Housekeeping Schedule (Click the link to see mine)

My friend and I were at coffee the other day talking about chores and I thought..hey! I have a chore chart, why don’t I share for anyone else who would like to organize their chores as well.  Just click on the link above and rearrange or change whatever you would like.  Personalize away!

I hope this helps someone who is looking to get a hold on organization!

Be Still.


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