Chore List



Yay, right?! Everybody, no matter what walk of life you are in or who you are, has chores.  Well, as a busy Mom I was wanting to be more organized in the chores and wanted to make sure everything got done.  I always did my chores around the house but found myself wondering “when was the last time I changed out the bed sheets?” Or, “did I mop the floor last week or the week before?”

Well I was on pinterest one day (go figure) and I came across a chore chart.  I copied and pasted the document onto my computer. I loved how each day had a different chore to do, so no matter how busy I found myself, I always remembered when something had been done!

I loved the idea of having a new chore everyday so I didn’t feel overwhelmed during the week trying to get everything done all in one day.  I made my own adjustments to the chart I found online and made my own personalized list.

Daily Housekeeping Schedule (Click the link to see mine)

My friend and I were at coffee the other day talking about chores and I thought..hey! I have a chore chart, why don’t I share for anyone else who would like to organize their chores as well.  Just click on the link above and rearrange or change whatever you would like.  Personalize away!

I hope this helps someone who is looking to get a hold on organization!

Be Still.


My DIY Pallet Window Treatment


I was inspired by doing a rustic window treatment on pinterest the other day. If you would like to follow my pinterest board just click here.  I decided I could do one myself and just change up a couple of things to make it almost for FREE!  I am one of those girls that when she sees a pallet lying outside, I will stop and pick it up. (If it is a small enough one to fit in my car of course, and if I can lift it by myself.) Trust me, I have pulled over and tried to pick up some pallets that just won’t fit in the car and it’s probably pretty comical for the cars driving by to watch a small girl trying to push a pallet into the back of her car that just wont fit; while two small children sit in the car wondering what the heck their Mom is trying to do. Hehe. So, if you saw this, yes it was me!

IMG_0685 First, I had my husband cut one of the wooden boards from one of my pallets. I had him cut it just to fit the length of the top of my window.  I didn’t really chose to sand it down or anything because I like the raw wood look and my kiddos won’t be getting near it.  (If you do choose to do this and it is lower or somewhere where people could touch it, I would sand it out a little but.)  I also left the nails that were there already from the pallet to keep the rawness of it too.

IMG_0696Next was to choose my hardware.  I found my silver hooks at Lowes but you can get them anywhere.  The fun thing about this step is you can choose whichever hardware you want. Whatever works with your decor.  I think my hardware was around $3.50 per hook. (So I only spent $10.50 on this project)  One thing I feel I should warn you about, that happened to me, is that the pallet wood is very strong so you may have a hard time putting your hardware on.  Make sure you have a powerful drill and you also may have to get some stronger screws. (the ones that are provided in the packages with the screws may not be strong enough.)                         IMG_0692The last step would be to hand whatever curtain or material you want in from the hooks!

And you are done! Super cheap and a super fast afternoon project to add a little rustic into your home!

Be Still.

Be Still

I want to explain why I chose the name I did for my blog, and also why I will be ending every blog post with this phrase as well.

Our worlds are so consumed everyday with tasks, chores, to-do lists, errands, house projects we want to get done (that’s me), ect.. and I feel it is so important that we all take a time out to just “be still.”  Maybe you are saying, I literally am not “still” from dawn until dusk but let me tell you, even if it is a quick couple minutes, it can make all the difference in your day.


Being a busy Mom sometimes I think, I have no time to just sit down and enjoy a cup of hot coffee, or to just sit and think of maybe nothing at all.  But everyday it is so important to find that small window of time to just sit in stillness and be thankful. Be grateful for all we have and to remember that the Lord is God.  Just “be still.”

With my photography I love that the name be still connects so well with the action.  For one quick second you can freeze time and have it forever.  This is why I love pictures of my kids.  They do not stay small for long and I just want them to “be still” forever.

I hope that everyone can make time to “be still” daily.  Let me tell you, it is good for your soul.

Be Still.

A new year, another blessing

I have been wondering for some time now whether or not I should start my own blog.  Do I really have something to say that someone might want to spend part of their day reading?  Maybe yes, and maybe no.  Either way I decided to make one anyways! (And now the girls decide to wake up from thier naps..)

(A day later…)

That is life as a housewife with two (beautiful) little girls. I know Mommies can relate to that one.  I always tell my husband, “If you want to get the attention of your kids, then just sit down and look comfortable.” ((hehe))  That always works in our house!

As my first post, I feel I should tell a little bit about me but also, why I chose to start blogging.  My name is Kristen and I am a California native turned Texan.  I moved here about 6 (almost 7) years ago and met my husband not long after. We got married really quick, only 5 months after meeting, and not once have we regret that decision. 5 years later and two lively, beautiful girls later, here we are!  I stay at home and that is a very important decision that my husband and I both agreed upon.  My husband is an extremely hard worker and we are so very thankful for him everyday.  Our oldest daughter is 2, almost 3 (the 31st of this month, yikes!) And our youngest daughter is 3 months.  I am so very thankful for them everyday. (Even when I am exhausted and want my space) ((hehe))

I recently have started dabbling in photography, mainly family pictures, and hope to expand my knowledge. I am a coffee addict!!  I am also a HUGE fan of everything DIY and the P word!! And by that I mean, PINTEREST! I’m hoping to be able to relate to many people out there who are addicted just like me.  I love to try new things and make things from scratch. BUT, I am a beginner.  I know everyone has a start, and this is mine.  From building, to cooking,to photography, to being a Mom, I have only started and I am hoping to be able to share all of what I try with all of you.  I read many blogs and I get so many ideas, but when I get into actually trying to do many of the projects they seem difficult, or for the advanced builder or DIYer. (Not sure if that is a word, but now it is) I would like to be a kind of “light” to other beginners and share my experiences.  I want others to know the difficulties and maybe a better way of doing things.  Everyone is different after all!

I am so excited for this new start, new hobby, and new form of expression.  Here’s to you, 2015.

Be Still.